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Violet Dawn

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"Violet Dawn" cover by Andrew R. White.


Violet Dawn

Elaine Waldron


Copyright (C) 2007 by Sandra Elaine Waldron

All rights reserved. This book is a work of fiction.



There was a frightened wild look in the dark-haired beauty’s yellow eyes; she shivered hard and huddled in a far corner, watching the older woman with a weathered complexion pace restlessly across the sandy floor of their cage. Frightened and cold, neither comprehended what was happening. They failed to realize they were on an alien world, far – very far – from home.    

Their males had fought bravely, trying desperately to save them and their tribe, but died in their efforts when the strange tall men shot them with weapons of brilliant yellow light. They remembered their arms having been bound behind their backs and then being forced into an odd silver hut that flew like birds but without wings. They were hungry and cold. The skimpy animal skins they wore covered little. And – they were in danger!

The violet dawn of Kasei was an extreme contrast to the brilliant yellow star-rise of the young savage world A’Dom had returned from only a few hours prior. He rubbed sleep from his slanted aqua eyes and slowly pulled away from the triangle window. Three hours of sleep had not been sufficient. Yet, when one was a soldier of the Kaseian Protective Patrol one did not dare complain of trivial matters.

Tartak, A’Dom’s burly friend, also a soldier of the KPP, would soon be arriving. They had to report to Marshal Shem the results of their mission – which had been to bring back live specimens – descendants of the breeding experiments their forefathers had performed on the aliens in the Omega system two thousand years before.

During their mission only a few mutants were found. The savage cousins of the more intelligent species had wiped out all the others, save a few, leaving only two females. The males had proven to be much too simian and hostile. A’Dom and Tartak had been forced to exterminate them. Consequently, they brought back only the two females, while the natural and more savage life-forms were left to the normal processes of evolution.

Doctor Nergal, the aging Chief of Biological Science, would thoroughly study and examine the specimens, and then he would probably have them destroyed.

“Such a shame,” A’Dom commented to himself. “They’re almost pretty, especially the black-haired one with the big yellow eyes. It would be so easy for her to pass as Kaseian, if it weren’t for her savage temper and well-endowed body.”

Someone rapped on the door – Tartak.     


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