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Blood of Angels


Blood of Angels

Elaine Waldron

Powers: Book Four


Copyright 2011 by Sandra Elaine Waldron

All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction.




Judy rolled over and slowly opened her eyes. All was so very quiet and still. It took her a moment to realize where she was; she wasn’t at home anymore. Correction, she wasn’t at her old home anymore. She sat up and tossed back her covers, scanning her surroundings, for she had been a little occupied the previous evening – gotten married – to pay much attention to where she’d ended up in bed.

There was a closet to her left, full of a man’s clothing – Logan’s. Yes! Logan. Where was he? She slipped out of bed and pulled the white shirt together in front that he’d loaned her and quickly buttoned it up. “Logan?” she called expectantly and padded, barefoot into the short hall.

No answer.

“Logan?” she called again, as she entered the living room and then turned to her right into the kitchen. He wasn’t in the house. Actually, it was a log cabin.

To her relief, he answered her from somewhere. Then she saw him through the sliding glass doors that left the kitchen and exited out to the balcony. Though the front of the cabin was on level ground, the back was situated over an incline and underneath was a porch supported by long poles. Logan stood there, arms resting on the railing, but his handsome face was turned in her direction. 

“Come on out.” He moved away from the railing and slid the glass door back for her and she stepped out.

She peered up into those splendid green eyes. “Pinch me,” she uttered. “I still think I’m dreaming.”

Smiling with those eyes, he gathered her into his arms, kissed the tip of her nose and said, “I love you, Judy Develco.”



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