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Almost two years have passed since Max and his followers were eliminated, and Judy's 18th. birthday is less than six months away. Just when everyone is finally resting at ease and feel they can go on with their lives, strange things begin to happen: dead bodies, human and animal, begin popping up everywhere. What's more, they have been completely gutted. This is not the work of any ordinary  vampire.

Then Judy's science teacher falls and breaks a leg and a new teacher takes his place - Logan Develco, a very powerful vampire, even older and more formidable than Max. Is he a friend? Or is he a foe? 

Excerpt from Blood of Vampira:

To Judy’s surprise, she got her wish. Just as she was locking up the front door, a mist formed on the other side of the glass. Her heart leapt with joy, as she instantly knew who it was. Seconds later, he was standing there with just a hint of an alluring smile. She didn’t even hesitate, yanking the door back open and holding it for him to come in.

Smiling amusedly, with an eyebrow slightly raised, he said, “I see you got over your fear of me.” He walked in, gaze holding hers.

“I thought you wouldn’t come. You were just here last night.”

“Are you kidding?” he appeared mildly amused. “All I’ve heard for the last five hours is you calling me.”

Her eyes grew to saucers. “Seriously?”

She went to close the door, but he laid his big hand over hers and helped her gently close it. She thought surely she was going to go right through the floor. Gawd!

Again, he grinned.


“Don’t think so loud.”

“How can you pick up on me so strongly? We haven’t known one another but one day.”

He took her gently by the elbow, and they walked down the store aisles. She automatically switched off the store lights, and opened the door to the house.

He cocked his head questioningly.

“Would you please come in?”

“Tsk…Tsk…young lady. Not the thing to ask a vampire. I know you know better.”

She stared at him stubbornly. “I trust you!”

“Are you sure it’s not my charm?”

“So you do understand the premise.”

She nodded, still holding that cloud in her thoughts, in front of her other thought.

He tilted his head sideways. “You know…I think it’s working.”

“Then you don’t know what I’m thinking?”

“Give me a minute.” He glanced around the room, seeming to be scrutinizing the house. But he suddenly turned around. “Ahhh! You want me to do this!” He suddenly grabbed her in his arms and pressed his body up to hers, smiled attractively and brought his lips up close to hers.

She trembled.

“I really shouldn’t,” he breathed. “But…What the hell.” He did as she wanted, kissed her. Tenderly, sweetly, passionately, sweeping her off the floor into his arms. He gently backed her up against the wall, still kissing her.

She was putty in his arms, so enraptured by the thrill of his kiss. She let a little gasp.





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