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An interesting man, happily married, and  very dear friend of mine. He has a different way of seeing the world, and showing that world in his books.

Phillip's website:



JOHN W. CASSELL  - My very first author friend. John is married to the lovely Olivia.

At age 16, I was a disc jockey working at a radio station in Atlantic City, NJ. When it was time to go to college I was offered the program directorship of the network's Camden station. But I wanted to get away. So at age 17 I left home to travel to New Mexico to seek my fortune. I won a fortune all right...my beloved wife of over thirty years Olivia, who bore me 4 wonderful kids. I have another wonderful kid from my marital mistake. After law school on the GI Bill, I joined the NM State Police and later prosecuted over one hundred felony jury trials. Saw a lot while on the road and on the street. Saw a lot while in the courtroom...the insane asylum...the military. But I consider my years on the road: 1969-1970 the two most significant in my life...and they are the focus of the bulk of my writings.


Melissa A. Smith -- A talented author of paranormal romance and other stories, and also a good friend.

In her words:

I live in the midwest with my husband and two teenaged sons. When I'm not writing, I'm reading. And when I'm not doing either of those things, I'm laughing with my family!

I hope that all who have read any and all of my stories, enjoy the adventures and come back for more!

Thanks to all for visiting,


ANNE MAVEN -- Another talented author on the rise.  She, too, is a good friend.

David Waine

On "Special Treat" page is one of David Waine's wonderful short stories. I think you will enjoy!


Amber Geneva

Amber loves children and animals. She has four kids of her own, and spends as much time with them as she can. Writing is a passion she has had for many years, since her childhood. To date, she has only one novel under her belt -- "Obloquy" -- which was just relased in October. In fact, the paperback was published October 31, 2014.

She believes in questioning everything, and doesn't take something to heart until she has -- after much research -- convinced herself that something is true. Or, at least, feasible. It is along this line of thinking that she wrote "Obloquy". She hopes that anyone who happens to read it will do so with an open mind.

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