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   ELAINE WALDRON'S               OFFICIAL SITE                      

Elaine Waldron  welcomes you to her world of the paranormal romance and other interests.  However, before you take a look around, here is her brief bio:

Besides being a novelist, Elaine is also a former newspaper journalist. She has had numerous short stories published in such publications as: Amazing Journeys, Mudrock: Stories & Tales, Trail of Indiscretion #3, and Trail of Indiscretion #4 - winning best story based on cover art for that issue. She has also been published in Chaos Theory, Second Annual Northwoods Anthology, Third Annual Northwoods Anthology, Fourth Annual Northwoods Anthology , Fifth Annual Northwoods Anthology, Dan River Anthology 2006,and Dan River Anthology 2008. She has short stories online with Scars:tv. She also wrote for Amazon Shorts.

Elaine loves the outdoors and good music (from Classical, R & B and Heavy Metal to Soft Jazz). The Mephisto Waltz, Rhapsody in Blue, and Prokofiev's Concerto No. 3 are her favorite musical works. She also loves Chopin and Bach. Favorite singers -- Tom Jones, Lou Rawls, Adam Lambert, Tina Turner and Cher. Her favorite authors are: Isaac Asimov, David Waine, Noel Hynd,  L.J. Smith,  Mickey Spillane, Ray Bradbury,Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer, Jack Engelhard, and John W. Cassell. She enjoys Shakespeare and her favorite poet is Rainer Maria Rilke, and she mostly reads and listens to his works in German.

She is an advocate for preserving our planet, believes in God, and recycles. Loves animals...Has two cats. And when she's not writing or watching her grandchildren, she plays the piano and paints with oils, watercolors, pastels and acrylics. 

Other interests include: astronomy, quantum physics, ancient history, religions of the world, and mythologies. She has been studying German for the past three years, when she can take the time to do so. 

Her favorite TV shows are Dracula 2013, Reign,  Moonlight ( though cancelled much too soon), The Vampire Diaries, The Universe, Through the Wormhole, The Originals, and The Tomorrow People...Favorite actor of all time - Oskar Werner. Loves the Twilight Series, movies included. And hopes that Moonlight will be made into a movie!

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     Vampires! Aliens! Romance!

While Elaine writes other paranormal romances as well as science fiction, she also writes mystery/thrillers. 




                          All  works of art -- with the exception of "George", "Trails of Indiscretion" and "Violet Dawn" covers  --  are by the author, Elaine Waldron.


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